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P.O. Box 2096

Auburn, Alabama 36831

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Asheton Lakes Pool Rules

  1. 1.The pool is for Asheton Lakes property owners and
    their guests.

  2. 2.Pool use is for members of the Asheton Lakes Homeowners’ Association who are in good standing. Please observe all pool rules at all times and report pool problems to a board member promptly.

  3. 3.A parent or competent person (15 or older) must supervise all children age 12 and under, all the time while at the pool.

  4. 4.Pool hours are from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m.

  5. 5.No glass containers or alcohol allowed in the pool area.

  6. 6.No smoking in the pool area.

  7. 7.Pets are not allowed inside the pool area.

  8. 8.No boats of any type are allowed in the pool.

  9. 9.Running and diving are prohibited – swim at your own risk.

If you would like to book a pool party or an event at the pool pavilion please contact the Property Manager Barbara Arington for details and availability.

  1. 10. No trespassing or loitering in the pool area or parking lot after pool is closed.

  2. 11.Profanity, improper behavior, and vulgar remarks will not be tolerated.

  3. 12. Place trash in garbage receptacle when leaving the pool area.

  4. 13. The gate to pool area must be closed at all times.

  5. 14. No groups larger than 12, including owners, family and guests without registering as a pool party. Teenagers may have only 3 guests.

  6. 15. Persons suffering from fever, cold, pink eye, nasal or ear discharge, open sores, skin diseases, diarrhea or any other communicable disease are not permitted in the pool.

  7. 16. Proper swimming attire is required and swim diapers must be worn by all children not potty trained.

  8. 17. Please treat restrooms like they were your own and take home all personal belongings at the end of your visit.

  9. 18. Teens, college students, houseguest or children of property owners should not be alone or unsupervised at the pool after dark.