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If you are planning and exterior improvement project submit this form to a DRC member or mail to the Association PRIOR TO beginning your project. Submissions will be reviewed according to the current "Declaration of Covenants". The DRC has develop a request procedure to streamline the process of approval for improvements and renovations to residents homes and landscapes. Please download the linked form and return it to a DRC Member or Mail to Asheton Lakes Property Owners’ Association, P.O. Box 2096, Auburn, Alabama, 36831.

Design Review Committee Guidelines SummaryDRC_files/DRC_Guidelines.pdfshapeimage_6_link_0

The Design Review Committee was established by the developer and consist of three to five members, all of whom are either appointed or elected. The members of the Design Review Committee regulate all aspects of the design and landscape of every lot and home in the neighborhood. The regular term of office for each member of the Design Review Committee shall be one  year, coinciding with the fiscal year of the Association.

Design Review Committee Improvement Request Form DRC_files/DRC_Plan_Submittal_Form2.pdfshapeimage_7_link_0